The good, responsible life

‘‘We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly ‘’. — Anne-Marie Bonneau

We are currently living through a pivotal time of collective awareness concerning climate change. Governments and media both openly talk of climate emergencies and we are witnessing united uprisings calling for action and change all over the globe. Within this context which incites us to act and take individual action, it has become vital for tomorrow’s entrepreneurs to position themselves intelligently.

Eco-responsible commitment


We prioritize local purchasing.


We make sure not to waste anything.


We recycle.


We compost.


80% of our goods are second-hand.


We encourage small businesses and the work of craftspeople.


Our duvets and mattresses are designed in Quebec with ecological materials.


We offer bulk all natural shower products.


We use ecological household products in bulk.


We buy our fruits and vegetables from ecological producers on the Island of Orleans.


We do not serve meat, only eggs from neighboring chickens.


Our challenge is to increase the energy efficiency of our 1838 home in the next two years.

Our Partners

Our soft and ecological mattresses are designed in Quebec by Our products are high-quality and durable. All the foams that we use are ecological, mostly made with natural oils. suppliers are mainly Quebecers and operate within 60km of our factory. To reduce our ecological footprint, three trees are planted for each mattress sold.


We are pleased to offer you made in Quebec Oneka shower products. These certified organic products are all natural and made with plant extracts. We use reusable bottles for our bulk products to counter single-use plastic.