Peak and Low Seasons at Le Triangle d’Été

From mid-October to mid-May, Le Triangle d’Été offers its site as a healing and creative space for artists in residence. It is always possible to book for a residence in the summer, but since it is peak tourist season on Île d’Orléans, creative spaces will be shared with inn guests.

01 - Workspaces

Several spaces are available to respond to different artistic practices.

Our large and bright studio is ideal for performing arts and projects requiring more space. Other rooms are equipped with work tables. In short, tell us your needs and we’ll be happy to provide you with the space that meets them most.

02 - Common Spaces

You will have access to a fully equipped kitchen for the preparation of your meals. You will also be able to relax in a large family room complete with a fireplace, sofa and a 10 people dining table.

03 - Events & Workshops

You want to give back to the island community of Île d’Orléans? It is sometimes possible for us to support the organization of workshops, conferences and opening doors for artists wishing to share their work with the population.

04 - Accomodation

We offer exclusive pricing on our rooms for artists in residence. Prices vary according to selected rooms and length of stay. Artists interested must stay a minimum of 3 days.

Book and tell us about yourself

    Upcoming Artists

    FACE (max&marilou)


    Laurie-Anne Langis

    Dancer and writer

    Marc-olivier Lamothe


    Geneviève Tremblay

    Film director



    Andy Maple et Béatrice Dubreuil

    Multi-disciplinary artists

    Past artists

    Véronique Buist

    Multi-disciplinary artist

    Chloé Larivière

    Visual artist

    Florence Rivest


    Isabelle Arsenault



    Meditative sound creator

    Amélia Hadouchi


    Dafnne Meilleur


    Rachel Bergeron


    Germain Ducros